AVOX - Android Voice Bot

Field maintenance mobile vocal assistant
Published by Alteca


AI for field operators: simplify maintenance and support

During maintenance operations it is often complex to assist field operators to perform better.

At Alteca, we have the solution with AVOX.

AVOX is a hands-free mobile application for technicians working on a maintenance task, allowing them to record their observations through voice recognition while guiding their tasks (diagnosis, inventory, etc.) to allow more efficient treatment of their input.

AVOX - Android Voice Bot

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Improve operators efficiency

Avox operates entirely by voice, which simplifies the tasks of the field operator and increases productivity.

Maximize readings quality

By using Avox, your operators no longer have to read or write the reading. Every interaction is managed by voice, avoiding writing or reading errors.

Decrease mental charge and stress on the field

Avox has been designed as a true assistant for your operators. With our functionalities, we wanted to simplify their interventions by allowing them to be focused only on the actions they have to perform.

Allow readings in any condition

At Alteca, we wanted our product to be usable in any situation. Whether your operator needs both hands, whether is working in an area where there is no internet access, Avox can still be used.
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