Hybrid AI Conversational Platform

All-in-One multichannel customizable virtual agent application
Published by Alteca


  • Omni-channel & context-aware
  • Totally programmable
  • Ready for your business
  • Scalable up to 50M request/year

Omni-channel & context-aware

To have the best customer experience possible, we designed our product so that it takes into consideration the customer's history whatever the contact channel used, allowing for long-lasting cross-channel sessions.

When the customer will contact the support service again, the customer will be routed to the agent that previously supported his request. The platform will provide all the data of the last request in order to avoid filling in the same information as those of the previous request.
Omni-channel & context-aware

Totally programmable

To meet all your needs, our platform is fully programmable and easily integrates into several backend systems including ERPs, e-commerce platforms etc.

Currently, more than 20 languages are available.
Totally programmable

Ready for your business

Our solution features a library of pre-existing processes that allows the platform to be immediately operational.

Should you have a specific process, you can create very powerful interaction logic and backend interactions thanks to our process builder.

Hybrid agent console and integration with native Call Center consoles are both available.
Ready for your business

Scalable up to 50M request/year

Our solution is designed to scale up to millions of customer requests in many languages and across many audio and text channels simultaneously, in the cloud or on-premise.

Our campaign manager allows for massive proactive interactions (e.g outgoing calls or surveys) with your customers.

Real-time analytics are designed for large scale processing allowing data anonymisation and natively provide extensive dashboarding capabilities.
Scalable up to 50M request/year
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