Hybrid AI Conversational Platform

All-in-One multichannel customizable virtual agent application
Published by Alteca


Scale your Support Service with hybrid AI assistance‚Äč

Contact Centers and e-commerce vendors need a complete support for the digitalization of their services to offer a superior multi-channel CX whilst optimizing their resources.

Our AI-based entreprise-grade and carrier-grade solution takes you to the next level of Customer service in order to automate and improve your customer support and acquisition.
Our conversational platform combines in an innovative way chatbot / voicebot / callbot features altogether, leveraging multi-channel & multi-language capabilities, and fully customisable to your needs.

Thanks to AI, our solution can understand customer needs and decide to handle the request autonomously - up to 90% of customer intents ! - or route it to the right queue when necessary.

Moreover, a large set of ready-to-use features for large scale deployment such as prebuilt processes, analytics dashboards, push campaigns and agent console & connectors are natively available to integrate with your core business.

Hybrid AI Conversational Platform

Smart Routing Agent Ratio Technology

Virtual Agent for e-commerce

Conversational IVR


Immediate support

No matter where your customer lives and which communication channel is used, your support service will be provided 24/7 thanks to our platform.

Smart routing

If the AI can't answer your customers' requests, they will automatically be routed to the best specialized employee of your contact center to answer their requests.

Tailored assistance

By understanding the context of the request, the platform offers tailor-made assistance to your customers.

Increase your customer satisfaction

Our platform is able to respond to a large number of requests autonomously and efficiently, which limits human intervention and therefore customers' waiting queues.
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