EcoStruxure™ Power Design Calculation Engine

IEC Electrical Calculation Engine
Published by Schneider Electric


EcoStruxure™ Power Design Engine API

Schneider Electric Electrical Calculation Engine API

This API is licensed to developer partners providing "electrical" CAD solutions and software. Get access to compiled engine code / .dlls, windows services for tight native integration inside the client environment.

  • Automatic adherence to more than 25+ local country electrical specification standards. API is exposed for partners directly from Schneider’s flagship Electrical calculation software.
  • Direct access to the latest product data catalogue from the leader in Energy Management and automation.
  • Access to extensive channel reserved exclusively for key eCAD partners.
  • Onsite technical integration help and developer support to expedite time-to-market.
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    EcoStruxure™ Power Design Calculation Engine

    WCF Client Interface Sample

    WCF Client Code Sample


    Assurance of Standards Compliance

  • Compliance with calculation standards: compliance with the CENELEC TR50480 technical report.
  • Compliance with installation standards: non-conformities are automatically reported.
  • Compliance with product standards: all recommended Schneider Electric products comply with applicable standards.
  • Up to Date Offer Data

    Guarantee of having the most up-to-date offers.

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