Katana XR

Augmented reality and spatial computing with AR guided workflows
Published by Future Sight AR


Go paperless with AR-guided workflows
Future Sight AR is the leading cloud-based provider for industrial mixed reality cost-saving software. Katana XR is a software suite of both Katana Pro and Katana Mobile. Katana Pro enables customers to author XR guides via the web with no coding knowledge required. Katana Mobile enables your front line to view XR guides in the field. Katana XR helps owner/operators remove paperwork from daily tasks and provide expert workflows to front line workers by digitizing procedures, checklists and work instructions. Katana mobile is available on Android, iOS, and headset wearables.

On traditional job sites paperwork, rework and low productivity cost companies millions of dollars. With Katana XR teams are free from paper and can eliminate rework, saving time and money, while sending fewer personnel into the field - seeing an ROI in less than three months. Teams can implement Katana XR guided workflows beginning with factory acceptance testing and installation to maintenance and operations.
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Katana XR


Empower employees with tactical skills
Level-up employee engagement and performance by equipping them with the standardized, step-by-step instructions they need to get work done right the first time. Continuously improve workflows over time and keep your teams agile.
Improve safety culture
Katana Pro workflows allow authors to add safety measures as part of each guide. Integrate Stop Work Authority, Permit to Work, Job Hazard Analysis and Lock Out/Tag Out into each task.
Reduce rework
Using AR-guide workflows user can cut rework by 90% or more, saving time, money and materials.
Maximize productivity
AR-guided workflows have shown to increase work site productivity by more than 40%.
Track employee progress & identify bottlenecks
Using Katana Pro, managers and supervisors can track and report on team progress from the desktop app.

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