Scalable industrial SCADA software platform


  • Operations control and monitoring
  • Open architecture and scalable
  • Advanced graphical interface
  • Efficient and reliable engineering

Operations control and monitoring

iVisionmax is designed for ease of use by the engineering and operations team to meet the ever-changing control and monitoring needs of modern operations, including process control, asset health, resource management, quality, regulatory compliance, safety, security, and more.

Open architecture and scalable

iVisionmax provides a robust, scalable, industry neutral foundation for your enterprise.

1. It supports single-user systems or multi user systems, as well as widely distributed systems that can be fully customised to meet your specific needs.

2. It can be configured for tags ranging from hundreds to thousands, single-users to distributed multi-user systems and even sub-second speeds.

3. It supports open standard protocols, which are widely accepted in the industry. It allows you to connect to different control systems, such as PLCs, RTUs and micro-controllers.

4. It facilitates efficient communication, data collection and robust data storage by enabling you to collect high-frequency data from multiple formats/standards and systems/sources. The system prevents data loss and improves operational efficiencies.

5. The system is built on a reliable, high performance, relational database that enhances data retrieval, data integrity and the speed of data updates. For third-party application integration, iVisionmax supports standard OPC, giving you access to all the online values – and even enables you to read data from other applications.

Advanced graphical interface

iVisionmax empowers your users to create graphical displays and enrich them with layers of real-time data. With iVisionmax, you can create interactive displays that show plant overview dashboards, process-flow through operational areas, detailed schematics for key equipment and more.

1. The reporting tool is based on standard excel that allows your operator to generate daily reports and work in a familiar environment.

2. The alarm tool enables you to monitor significant events, compare and perform root cause analysis to optimise processes in real time.

Efficient and reliable engineering

From design to deployment, iVisionmax includes various engineering tools that empower you to build your application quickly, thus minimizing deployment costs.

It addresses a range of requirements including:

1. Communication configuration

2. Tag-creation

3. Database management

4. Scripting

5. Archive management

You can create new assets or objects using object- oriented development, which enables reusability and greatly simplifies system maintenance and configuration.

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