Scalable industrial SCADA software platform


Scalable industrial SCADA software platform for sustainable operations

iVisionmax is L&T Electrical & Automation's SCADA solution designed to monitor and control processes, equipment and resources of an enterprise in real time.

Whether you are developing standalone applications or a multi-site plant solution to manage a large spread of assets, this robust and reliable solution allows you to make informed decisions improving performance efficiency, reducing overall operational costs and enhancing profitability, enterprise-wide.



Integrated platform for enterprise-wide operations

To enhance the effectiveness of a wide range of industries, iVisionmax for SCADA improves your productivity, product quality and enterprise integration while reducing operating costs through reliable control and monitoring.

Highly-scalable open architecture

Built on an open architecture using common standards, iVisionmax for SCADA allows the user to build new applications and an information foundation to access operational and historical data securely anytime, anywhere. It is future-ready, with capability to add new applications and requirements.

Easy and secure administration of current and historical data

Through real-time monitoring of assets’ health and planned maintenance based on asset conditions, iVisionmax for SCADA lowers the cost of operation and maximizes asset utilization. It assists in root-cause analysis and shows early notifications, monitoring anomalies and notifying users.

Customizable, single window reporting enabling easy decision making

iVisionmax offers flexibility to everyone in your organisation to easily design, deploy, change and personalise graphic screens and reports.
It provides highly configurable visualisation and easy-to-use tools that provide agile, self-service data access to users, empowering them to make data-driven decisions based on real-time and historical information.

Reduced operational cost due to reduction of risk of downtime and exposure

Seamless operation and enhanced decision making increases productivity and enable quicker responses to down time and maintenance needs. The availability of accurate data for making informed decisions with the use of real time KPI and dashboards for benchmarking drives the customer organization's operational cost effectiveness.
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