Innovative multimedia platform for improved patient experience
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MultiMed enhances patient experience and team efficiency

MultiMed is a multimedia entertainment and medical information solution that can be used for both in-patients in healthcare centers or for out-patients. The platform provides effective communication between patient and services and improves the patient experience.

TMM Software eHealth expertise at the heart of our software

TMM Software has been publishing eHealth software solutions since 2009.
Its expertise in the eHealth sector has enabled it to deliver high-performance, innovative software used in more than 300 healthcare centres in France and across the world.
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MultMed main Interface

MultiMed TV Interface

MultiMed Communication Module interface

MultiMed Medical Atlas interface


Improve patient experience

  • Reduce stress about hospital stay, surgery
  • Maintain social link while in hospital
  • Access to info and entertainment
  • Access to hospital connected services (menu…)
  • Increase autonomy through therapeutic education
  • Maintain « just like-at-home » connectivity

Improve medical stuff efficiency

  • Video consultation module
  • Contextual access to Medical File, CMMS, in-room cleaning
  • Meal ordering
  • Secure solution, easy to integrate into the IT System

Easy and turn key solution

  • Better patient / hospital interactivity and therapeutic education
  • A communication tool for some patients: online translation, image based communication
  • In-room device to propose any digital content and application
  • The hospital is autonomous to manage contents with our content management system
  • Usable on touchscreen terminal or IPTV

New offer for an integrator

  • New revenues for integrators with a new range of services
  • Move up in the IT value chain – perceived as a solution provider/partner and not only a HW, Infrastructure or telecom provider
  • New/modernized image in front of hospital IT staff

Income optimization

  • Integrated billing software
  • Maximise the return on your investment
  • Increase attractiveness and subscription rate


  • With hospital applications and third-party systems : meals orders, schedule, CMMS, home automation, nurse call,...
  • With the patient health records

Product Attributes

Schneider Electric Certification
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