Telehealth, teleconsultation, therapeutical education application
Published by TMM SOFTWARE


eHealth solution for remote medical monitoring
apTelecare is a secure remote medical monitoring solution to follow up any patients suffering from chronic disease at home. apTeleCare ensures a continuous link of medical follow-up, communication and information interactions between patients and care professionals thanks to personalized medical guidelines/protocols.

TMM Software eHealth expertise at the heart of our software

TMM Software has been publishing eHealth software solutions since 2009.
Its expertise in the eHealth sector has enabled it to deliver high-performance, innovative software used in more than 300 healthcare centres in France and across the world.
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Improve patient care
  • Monitor in real time evolution of patient health.
  • Reduce the loss of sight, and stay in touch with patient.
Better team coordination
Efficiency of medical time, anticipation and reduction of emergencies.
Patient in a better health
  • Better involved and more responsible.
  • Reassured by follow-up and continuous link.
  • Reduced stress and better in confidence thanks to communication tools with medical staff.
Complete traceability of actions.

Product Attributes

Schneider Electric Certification
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