Mid-size Data Center (IEC): 1 MW IT capacity, Tier 3, 2059 m² - Summary

Reference Design covering data center power supply, cooling & IT space
Published by Schneider Electric


Reference Design for Data Center power supply, cooling system & IT space

A data center is a facility hosting IT devices. It is characterized by its IT power, availability level and building space. Schneider Electric's reference designs help address typical planning challenges and design Data Center with high availability, safety, and operational efficiency.

3 areas are critical to design a high performing & efficient Data Center. Each one is covered with technical recommendations and possible variations:

  • Facility Power: Addresses the electrical architecture for the power supply of all critical & non-critical components
  • Facility Cooling: Addresses the cooling system in the IT Space
  • IT Space: Address the selection & arrangement of key components and equipment: the racks, the PDUs and the security management system

  • Note:This reference design contains only a Summary. See the Related Products for the Engineering Package.

    Mid-size Data Center (IEC): 1 MW IT capacity, Tier 3, 2059 m² - Summary


    Simplify and accelerate projects

    EcoStruxure Reference Designs make it easy to rapidly compare and contrast design alternatives using standardized documentation. It provides an excellent starting point for detailed design phase work.

    Improves availability and predictability

    EcoStruxure Reference Designs are engineered and validated by Schneider Electric data center design experts to deliver the design’s published performance attributes.
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