Large Data Center (IEC): 56 MW IT capacity, OCP compatible, indirect air cooling, 55.000 m² - Summary

Reference Design Summary covering Data Center power supply, cooling & IT space
Published by Schneider Electric


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  • Design Overview


This reference design - Summary contains:

  • RD101_IEC_Summary_Document
  • RD101-IEC_detailed_design
  • Design Overview

    Data Center IT Capacity
  • Initial delivery of 9.36 MW
  • Scalable to 56.16 MW

  • Regional Voltage and Frequency
  • 90-140kV, 10-15kV, 400V
  • 50Hz

  • Redundancy Levels
  • Power: tri-redundant MV distribution
  • N generators
  • N LV Distribution
  • N+1 OCP Power Supply Units
  • Cooling: N+1 indirect air Economiser
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