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Drag & Drop Your App Ideas Into Production

Smartphones and their on-board sensors enable a wide range of data-driven applications. However, developing these applications is a time consuming endeavour only accessible to experts (i.e. full-stack app developers).

Weave.ly enables anyone to develop and deploy smartphone-based data applications without requiring any programming experience. Its intuitive drag & drop interface allows you to draw the entire data pipeline: from sensor data acquisition to server-side processing and real-time dashboard visualisations. The weave.ly platform automatically generates the necessary source-code and deploys the entire system (i.e. Android/iOS app, server-side logic and online dashboards) on the fly.

Weave.ly clearly
- Has shown to drastically (i.e. up to 10x) reduce app development timesĀ 
- Is usable by experts and non-experts alike to develop and deploy apps.
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Implementing a real-time incidence reporting app and dashboard in weave.ly

On-smartphone barcode scanning in weave.ly


Radically decrease development time

Weave.ly enables your teams to develop data collection and analysis systems in a fraction of the time required by more traditional software development tools. Weave.ly consistently outperforms more traditional software engineering approaches by several multiples.

Bridge the Business <---> IT Gap

Weave.ly's intuitive interface and drag&drop components enable anyone to quickly build and experiment with data analysis systems without requiring any programming experience.

Lean development throughout

Weave.ly offers a lean environment throughout the entire development cycle. Weave.ly incrementally builds a functional preview of the system as you build it. That means you can test any change you make immediately on real or simulated data.
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