AZZO Xpert Navigation

One-click access to everything you need to run your PME-based operation
Published by AZZO


  • Seamless integration With PME
  • Tree structure navigation
  • Automatically generate links
  • Create "Saved Reports"
  • Create Bookmarks
  • Hierarchy Support
  • Multi-user support
  • Configuration Options
  • Link to external resources
  • Self contained installer

Seamless integration With PME

  • Access from within PME by creating a new Tab and hiding others that are no longer needed
  • Integrated with PME and SSO user authentication - preserve access permissions
  • Access externally as a standalone web application with its own URL - great for non-expert users
Seamless integration With PME

Tree structure navigation

  • Customizable, direct & intuitive navigation between sites & devices

  • Eliminates Vista diagram “Back” button necessity

  • Easily navigate large trees using tree filter

  • Expand and collapse all buttons for easy operation


Tree structure navigation

Automatically generate links

  • Automatically generate a navigational tree structure based on your existing system with a single click
  • Generate devices or hierarchy links
  • Automatically update when new devices are added or renamed
  • Automatically generate links

    Create "Saved Reports"

    Easily to create a folder of saved reports just like in the PME demo
    Create "Saved Reports"

    Create Bookmarks

    • Device Save frequently access pages or resources as a bookmark
    • Always visible on all pages in Xpert Navigation
    Create Bookmarks

    Hierarchy Support

    Supports virtual meters and apportionment
    Hierarchy Support

    Multi-user support

  • Lock view/edit access to specific nodes of the tree depending on user permissions
  • Integrated in with PME User Management
  • Multi-user support

    Configuration Options

    • Create subfolders for nesting resources in an intuitive navigational structure
    • Create links to external html pages, PDFs, or custom diagrams or saved reports,
    • Simple folder/page creation, deletion, renaming, or drag & drop modification within the browser
    • Changes automatically saved

    Link to external resources

    • Embed maintenance reports, equip,ent manuals, standard operating procedures, any diagrams or documents
    • Link to any web page or web resource
    • Link to 3rd-party tools, excel documents, etc.
    Link to external resources

    Self contained installer

    • Simple, guided, automatic installation
    • Licensable via Product Key
    Self contained installer
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