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One-click access to everything you need to run your PME-based operation
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One-click access to any PME pages or external content

While managing your operation with PME, you need to access many different dashboards, trends, diagrams and reports. You also need to constantly refer to documents such as maintenance procedures and online equipment manuals and you may need to visit external websites or start up productivity tools to change settings or confirm operation.

With Xpert Navigation, you can avoid the headache of switching contexts and keeping track of all these resources. Xpert Navigation is a PME add-on that automatically creates and organizes links so that all these resources are just a click away and shown inside PME. You can create bookmarks for your most frequently visited resources.

Service Providers, save hours of commissioning time with auto-generated site, device and hierarchy links. Additionally, differentiate your solution by providing one-click to all the resources a user needs to manage their energy.
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AZZO Xpert Navigation

Automated device diagram links


For Users - An Intuitive and Easy Way to Navigate Your Power Monitoring System

Include links to any PME content (dashboards, reports, diagrams, etc.) and to external content such as operating procedures, internal and external web sites and productivity tools - eg: excel or 3rd-party tools

Bookmark favorites so they are always just a click away.

Service Providers - Reduce project commissioning time

Reduce commissioning time by automatically generating navigation links to sites, devices and hierarchy nodes. No more manual creation of links to each device.

For large sites especially, this capability can save hours of time per PME site and eliminate human error.

Easily update links when new devices are added or device names are changed.

Service Providers - Differentiate Your Solution

Differentiate your solution and create a next-level user experience by providing a single entry point to access all internal or external documents, web sites, 3rd-party tools and PME pages. Your customer will never need to leave PME to run their facility.

Use PME as a master portal to host other vendor applications. Provide all the benefits of PME user experience to provide a seamless user experience across applications.
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