AZZO Xpert Navigation

Improve the navigation of your Power Monitoring System.
Published by Azzo Pty Ltd


Generate and expand your Power Monitoring System

Xpert Navigation is a certified extension of Schneider Electric's StruxureWare Power Monitoring software platforms (PME 2020/9.x/8.x/7.2.x - including Healthcare and Data Centre segment editions) - developed by AZZO engineers in partnership with Schneider Electric.

It enables the creation of a user customizable tree structure navigation, as well as the automatic generation of links based on existing devices and/or hierarchies.

AZZO is a global engineering company specialising in systems integration for energy management and renewable energy transformation. Our solutions range from simple energy monitoring to utility scale power monitoring and control systems including energy automation.
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AZZO Xpert Navigation


Seamless integration with PME
It provides an intuitive and easy way to generate and expand the navigation of your Power Monitoring System.
Easily navigate PME hierarchies and devices
Use Xpert Navigation to auto-generate a navigation tree based on hierarchies and devices in PME.
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