EcoStruxure™ Building Advisor

Software and services for BMS and HVAC
Published by Schneider Electric


Simplify your building maintenance

EcoStruxure™ Building Advisor is a suite of analytic and monitoring services that unlocks the operational performance of your BMS. See your entire building portfolio at a glance and make proactive data-driven decisions supported by a remote team of experts to achieve optimal equipment performance, reduce energy consumption, lower costs, and decrease occupant complaints.

For real impact on operating costs, occupant comfort and asset value you need to keep building systems performing optimally while working with limited budgetary and maintenance resources. EcoStruxure™ Building Advisor provides key insights into your building operations by constantly monitoring systems and identifying faults to proactively address building inefficiencies.

EcoStruxure™ Building Advisor


Achieve optimal equipment performance

Identify equipment issues before they become problems to minimize potential building operation disruptions. Continuous monitoring of building systems and assets to identify aberrant behavior and sub optimal performance. Protect your investment with a versatile, system agnostic platform that connects with existing and future systems.

Lower costs, optimize budget

Plan your maintenance activities based on facts and structured ROI information – verify savings on improvement projects. Identify avoidable energy costs with detailed reports that uncover opportunities to reduce consumption.

Reduce occupant complaints

Identify issues that impact occupant comfort with severity score and associated cost savings. Maintain consistent environment and occupant satisfaction by proactively reducing equipment failure.

Extend your expertise

Get peace of mind with an extended team that collaborates with your maintenance teams and helps monitor your building performance. Never miss a critical alarm with Smart Alarm using a simple web based interface or SMS Text Alerts. Get detailed analysis and reports with recommended operational and efficiency improvements as often as you need.

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