Electrical CAD software for control and automation engineering


  • CAE performance from A to Z
  • Panel Layout
  • Manufacturing plans
  • Why cofaso?

CAE performance from A to Z

cofaso is the leading high-end CAE solution for electrical engineering projecting tasks.

Based on its special system technology with direct access to applicable logic for each schematic, the solution offers outstanding features for all industry-specific design and documentation requirements.

As a parameter-controlled system, cofaso provides users with consistent structuring of their work process, while offering unrestricted flexibility for individual adaption to department -project- or workplace-specific requirements.

cofaso has user interface in 13 world languages and supports all the common Windows versions.
CAE performance from A to Z

Panel Layout

While designing a panel layout, the designers are able to use panel design symbols which are provided in cofaso symbol libraries.

cofaso also enables the engineers to create their own symbol libraries and also import the DWG data of the panel layout symbols into cofaso.
Panel Layout

Manufacturing plans

Following manufacturing plans can be created:

  • Terminal plans
  • Cable plans
  • Terminal connection plans
  • Wiring lists
  • Bill of materials
  • Purchase order lists
  • Supplier Lists
  • Device lists
  • Part lists
  • Device/PLC-end terminal plans

Why cofaso?

Electrical and automation planning and projecting has a significant importance for efficient plant engineering in the manufacturing processes.

cofaso offers to manage the engineering, designing, manufacturing and maintenance processes to build control panels without a failure and maintain them for life-time.
Why cofaso?
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