Quartic Accelerator: Proof of Value Engine

Application to Experiment, prove, and scale with independence
Published by Quartic.ai


The journey of building a smart manufacturing enterprise begins with making one asset intelligent

What gets in the way of this success today?

It costs too much to conduct experiments, PoC's and pilots: you need to invest in a lot of infrastructure upfront, hire experts and consultants - so you limit the number of experiments you conduct - you burn too much seed capital before you can prove results - sounds familiar?

What if there was a way to experiment on multiple use cases, prove and document value - on your own, with independence, without any significant platform, infrastructure, and cost commitment?

Use the Proof of Value engine as an accelerator to discover and realize the value and signal availability in your data. With no infrastructure costs or long-term commitment, EcoStruxure users can test use cases with offline data extracts to see if data and operations are ready for machine learning.

Quartic Accelerator: Proof of Value Engine


Unlimited experiment

Conduct as many Al PoC's as you want with offline data exported from any number of data sources.

Proof of value

Generate powerful, objective, data driven Proof-of-value reports directly from the system to communicate with stakeholders and management to justify investment.


The AI models built can be validated using new datasets and once the value of your case is proven use the output of your PoC's for production grade deployment.

No Coding

No data science, programming or other Al expertise required. SME with knowledge about the process and equipment can do pilot projects with ease.
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