Clinical Environment Optimization

Middleware application for hospital infrastructure
Published by Schneider Electric


HL7 middleware to make informed decisions on managing hospital rooms and patients

Harness the benefits of interoperability between clinical systems and facility systems. Use commonly available data to make hospital facilities more efficient, productive and sustainable.

The Clinical Environment Optimization solution is a healthcare software used to integrate a hospitals clinical infrastructure to its facility infrastructure. The middleware solution determines the occupancy status of patient areas and provides information to the BMS through open-protocol interface.

Clinical Environment Optimization


Reduce energy consumption

Facility managers can reduce energy use in rooms that are vacant or unoccupied for long periods of time and make informed decisions about how best to manage room conditions.

Improve operational efficiency

With access to current room status and pending events, maintenance and cleaning staff can schedule work in patient rooms conveniently and efficiently when the rooms are unoccupied.

Boost patient satisfaction

Patients have the ability to specify their preferred room temperature during the admission process, or control it themselves via a mobile application in the patient room.

Other Benefits

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