SCADAPack E Workbench and Utilities

SCADAPack E Programming Language Suite
Published by Schneider Electric


  • New for 8.18.1
  • Functions
  • Backwards-Compatibility for Pre-Existing V3.x Programs
  • On-line Debugging and Monitoring
  • SCADAPack E Configurator

New for 8.18.1

SCADAPack E 8.18.1 provides the following new and improved features:

  • SCADAPack 334E RTUs will accept a configuration for a SCADAPack 333E, 314E, 313E and 312E RTUs. When read from the RTU, the device type will report SCADAPack 334E which is the type of the actual device. This feature allows configuration files for 333E, 314E, 313E and 312E RTUs to be used with a SCADAPack 334E without modification.
  • Performance of some DNP3 and 60870-5-101/104 operations was improved for large point count systems.

  • The following Application and Firmware versions are provided in this download package:

  • SCADAPack E Configurator application version
  • SCADAPack 3xxE Firmware version
  • SCADAPack 53xE Firmware version
  • SCADAPack 53xE bootloader version 1.40.
  • SCADAPack 3xxE bootloader version is 2.31.
  • Functions

    Custom IEC 61131-3 functions have been specifically designed by Schneider Electric for use with SCADAPack E Smart RTUs.

    These functions bring SCADA-specific operability to the IEC 61131-3 Workbench.

    Backwards-Compatibility for Pre-Existing V3.x Programs

    Workbench v.6 may be used to import existing SCADAPack E program files created with Workbench v.3.

    Programs, functions and FBs written in LD, ST and FBD may be edited and debugged after importing.

    Program files written in Instruction List (IL), Sequential Function Chart (SFC) and Flow Chart (FC) languages may be imported and debugged, but not edited. Editing for IL, SFC and FC must be completed in Workbench v.3 before importing.

    On-line Debugging and Monitoring

    SCADAPack E Workbench supports on-line debugging and monitoring of program logic.

    While in the debug mode, code written in any of the graphic-based languages can be viewed in real-time, with indication of logic power flow and variable values.

    Global and local variable values may also be viewed or forced from the dictionary and I/O wiring list views.

    SCADAPack E Configurator

    A companion application included with Workbench for controller-specific configurations and utilities including:

  • Communication port and protocol configuration
  • Controller firmware updating
  • File management operations
  • Real-time clock settings
  • Controller initialization
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