EcoStruxure™ Plant Advisor

IIoT applications based on EcoStruxure™ and cloud-data platforms
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Connect
  • Monitor
  • Optimize
  • Specialize


EcoStruxure™ Plant Data Expert

Access, contextualize and aggregate within the same industrial data model all production data.

• Simplified plant data access cross equipment
• Accelerated integration with IT & OT systems
• Data sources agnostic with certified industrial connectivity
• Standardized and flexible edge architecture
• Optimized commissioning & system diagnoses
• Seamless end-to-end integration from edge to cloud
• Data processing right next where they are generated


EcoStruxure™ Plant Advisor - LiveView

Enable developers and users to build customized real-time dashboards to visualize plant performance, related KPIs and analytics.

• Search for chart and analyse time-series, KPIs and operational data from any web browser
• Build tailored dashboards quick to support your operational teams
• Easy acccess to favorite charts and content on any iOS or Android device
• Receive alerts to changing conditions through push notifications and email


EcoStruxure™ Plant Advisor - Apps Builder

Enables developers and users to build custom Industrial IoT applications within EcoStruxure™ Plant Advisor for single or multi-site use. Tailor made IIoT applications development fed with real-time contextualized operations insights and collaborative actions (e.g. control tower, eSim).

• Apps administration management (owner and user)
• Data drilling, pivoting, slice-and-dice, sorting functions
• Contextual collaboration
• Integrated task management
• Business logic (simulation, workflow)
• Widget Hub to download and upgrade widgets compatible with installed without losing customization


Domain specific packaged solutions

Packaged end-to-end capabilities addressing specific challenges for CPG & Mining.

• Accelerated assessment of product to recall scope
• Reduced cost and duration of recall
• Reduced risk of legal actions and fines
• Improved brand image and customer sales
​• Alignment with new regulation standards for traceability and food safety
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