EcoStruxure™ Plant Advisor

IIoT applications based on EcoStruxure™ and cloud-data platforms
Published by Schneider Electric


EcoStruxure™ Plant Advisor is an IIoT environment which enables IT/ OT integration across multiple systems and sites

End-to-end IIoT environment
EcoStruxure™ Plant Advisor enables you to collect, contextualize and aggregate your operational data, while managing your assets and application life cycles all within the same industrial data model. It provides end-to-end capabilities:

1. Connection to access, contextualize and aggregate operational data from different systems and sources within the same industrial data hub.
2. Monitor cross-domain operational data, giving plant staff customized KPIs and analytics with actionable, real-time insights.
3. Optimizing plant efficiency by empowering staff with information needed to improve operations, as well as through the seamless deployment of tailor-made applications across multiple sites.
4. Our specialized, prepackaged segment and domain analytics will address your industry specific requirements.

EcoStruxure™ Plant Advisor



Expand IIoT solutions easily across sites and equipment thanks to a cloud based, multi-sites architecture.


Access to our suite of segment specific advisors for focussed business insights from the industrial data hub.


Personalize the tools and create specific applications to address your specific business challenges with the embedded applications builder environment.


Benefit from Schneider Electric support and expertise at every stage of the IIoT solution lifecycle from deployment to maintenance.
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