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  • Client side smart contracts
  • Training and support
  • Kalima administration tool

Client side smart contracts

Kalima brings smart contracts to the client side, so industries will have the ability to independently tailor their own smart contract models.

Kalima smart contracts APIs use standard languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python and C# ; Multi-platform (Android, iOS, Windows 10, Linux) and can be used from standard developer tools (Eclipse, Idea, Visual Code, XCode, Pychar,..)

Kalima systems can be used in gateway and hub hardware to distribute tasks from the Edge to the Cloud, and to mobile devices.

Example of smart contract using JavaScript :
Client side smart contracts

Training and support

This product includes training and support for developers

  • Training via video conference
  • Tutorials and guides
  • Support by chat and mail
  • Training and support

    Kalima administration tool

    The Kalima administration tool allows the management of shared data with authorized nodes while adding, modifying or erasing data. All these actions are logged to add safety and traceability to customer data. Data logging cannot be changed or deleted.

    This administration tool offers sorting and searching features in the saved data. It also allows the management of permissions, users, configurations and the import and export of data.

    Kalima administration tool
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