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Deploy your own Blockchain and start building on Kalima
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Deploy your own blockchain (PrivaChain) and start building dApps on Kalima

Kalima is a blockchain for enterprises and internet of things. It is a technical enabler to help you build decentralized application well adapted to business needs. To try the technology we offer a free trial to try out the Kalima technology. Get your free trial now and join the decentralized enterprises and IoT revolution

This kit includes all the tools you need to try the Kalima Blockchain Development:

  • Your own Kalima PrivaChain
  • Kalima Blockchain and APIs
  • Kalima Java, Android and iOS libraries
  • Kalima tutorials
  • Documentation
  • Examples of smart contracts (JavaScript and Python scripts)
  • Technical support via mail or chat
  • Kalima Blockchain


    Blockchain network

    Kalima brings scalability and decentralization with its network of blockchains composed of a Mainchain, Privachains and public Blockchains.

    Client-side smart contracts

    Considerably increases scalability, security and freedom to parallel chain users.

    Easy to use

    Reduce your development time and cost developing with Kalima. Kalima SDK use standard languages like, Java, JavaScript and Python and can be used from standard tools (Eclipse, Android Studio, Visual code,...)

    Monetization of data

    Integrated trustable solution for independent monetization of qualified data and monetization through Oracles.

    Low energy Blockchain

    Kalima Blockchain provides real time data for an exceptionally low environmental impact with a very low transaction cost combined with low latency.

    Training and support for developers

    Training via video conference, mail, chat and video conference support.

    Mature & scalable technology

    Already existing product, capable of withstanding colossal transaction traffic, necessary for large industry entities 1000 transactions / second / chain.
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