Kalima Blockchain SDK

Development Kit for Blockchain applications
Published by Kalima Systems


Collect, transport and share IoT data with trust

This product is a development kit to develop and test application on Kalima blockchain.

Kalima blockchain allows to securely collect, transport, store and share Industrial IOT trusted data's in real time with devices, services and mobile workers. Kalima blockchain is dedicated to the Internet of Things and brings Blockchain and AI solutions at the edge.

This Kit includes :

• Kalima Blockchain and APIs
• Kalima Java, Android and iOS libraries
• Four notary nodes Kalima
• Documentation
• Examples of smart contracts (JavaScript and Python scripts)
• Video conferences for training
• License, mail, chat or video conference support

Technology Partner

Kalima Blockchain SDK


Traceability and integrity of data

Historical data are stored in the blockchain to ensure data integrity and immutability. Those historical data can be used for traceability, Big data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications.

Kalima brings Blockchain and AI at the edge

Kalima can be embedded in IoT devices like edge gateways in order to minimize investment costs and embrace the distributed philosophy of Blockchain & Edge computing. Kalima Blockchain smart contracts enable AI at the edge.

Easy to use

Reduce your development time and cost developing with Kalima. Kalima SDK use standard languages like, Java, JavaScript and Python and can be used from standard tools (Eclipse, Android Studio, Visual code,...)

Easy interconnection with other systems (MES, SCADA)

Kalima Blockchain nodes are developed with standards and open tools like Java, JavaScript, NodeJS or Python which simplifies the work for developers. Interconnect your Kalima Blockchain with Wonderware, SAP, Oracle and others...

Energy efficient

Kalima does not use a mining process but notary nodes solution and hence, has a very low energy footprint.

Training and support for developpers

Training via video conference
Mail, chat and video conference support

Low latency real-time event management

1000+ completed transactions in less than 4s
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