EcoStruxure™ Process Expert - Group Control Library

Group Control Library for Process Automation
Published by Schneider Electric


Group Control and Route Management

EcoStruxure™ Process Expert - Group Control Library enables users to Configure as group of assets and define Routes for each group. Library contains templates to Control Assets in the group

4 Key templates to achieve Group Control and Route Management

  • Group Control & Group Management
  • Peer Owner & Peer Consumer
  • Start / Stop Assets

    Reset Alarms for Assets

    Change owner and operating modes for Assets

    Group Management template enables user to manage the sequential start of the devices in the group for safe transfer of the material.

    EcoStruxure™ Process Expert - Group Control Library


    Group Control and Route Management

    Group Control Library makes configuring and operating Assets in sequential manner without any need to follow a complex process. With Group Control Library defining Groups and Routes does not require refinement of code or any specific coding skills.

    User can define Start number, Stop number for an asset in the Sequence and also tag Assets as "Essential / Non Essential" asset, hence enabling execution of group and its routes appropriately.

    Faster Engineering, Zero refinement

    Group Control and Group Management templates enable user to configure Asset properties easily and hence does not need any refinement of code post creation. User can configure Groups and Assets in the group by creating a single Link between them. This ensure, user can configure their groups and routes efficiently and accurately with reduce engineering efforts.

    Easy Operation

    Group Control Library makes execution of Material Transfer easy and efficient for operators. Operators can execute routes in Auto or Semi Auto mode of operation. Operators can view status of each assets in the group and manage assets of the group using single action. Operator can navigate from to assets in the group via a single click for quick actions.

    Group Control with General Purpose Library template

    Group Control Library templates are designed using standard practices delivered as part of General Purpose Library (GPL) for Situational Awareness.
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