Adaptive Automation: AI-assisted Building Controls

AI-driven building and asset automation application
Published by Verdigris


AI-driven building controls

Built on its IoT energy metering and analytics platform, Verdigris is launching Adaptive Automation, an adaptive and autonomous building controls application.

Adaptive Automation focuses on commercial buildings and does for a building what a self-driving system does for a car. It enables building management systems (BMS) to operate while adapting to changing building conditions autonomously, ensuring continuous and maximized system performance without human intervention.

Adaptive Automation customers typically earn back investment in under a year and demonstrate real, verifiable dollar savings, meeting a key need for energy project managers and building operators who are thinking about how to demonstrate the financial viability of their projects in a field that often relies on modeled gains.
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Adaptive Automation: AI-assisted Building Controls

Adaptive Automation delivers control activity and performance metrics straight to your inbox for convenient access.


Open API

No proprietary system lock-in. Choose the solutions that work best for your business needs.

Inexpensive implementation

Cost for implementation is reduced by using adaptive algorithms to solve impact complexity. Integrating new renewable energy sources, energy storage or control systems can be done with minimal additional costs.

Optimal performance for faster ROI

Multivariate forecasting and optimization engine enables AI to adapt to corner cases, understand new data streams and environmental drivers in meeting optimization goals.

Reduced maintenance costs

Machine do what machines are good at, operating continuously to new data inputs.
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