TVIEW+™ for Trio™ Data Radios

Radio network management and diagnostics software application
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Highlights


Powerful Diagnostics Application

  • Testing and monitoring of entire networks or single radios, including long-term trending of key parameters and data storage in an industry-standard database.


Versatile Network Tools

  • Includes channel occupancy statistics and average received transmission duration. Can be set to background-poll the radio system for continuous system monitoring and logging.


Sophisticated Broadcast Firmware Update Tool

  • For Trio Q data radios, with ability to remotely discover radios, and send firmware updates over a period of time to minimize impact on vital SCADA traffic.


Monitoring and Control Functionality of base radios

Monitoring and manual control of Hot Standby base station


Integrated Programming Interfaces

  • For Trio serial data radios, with ability to perform over-the-air configuration changes.


Local Firmware Update Tool

  • For Trio serial data radios, and remote firmware update option for Trio K Series.
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