EcoStruxure™ Foxboro DCS Control Software Continuous Control - VIRTUAL training

Reduce engineering workload and risk
Published by Schneider Electric

Editions & Pricing

On request
  • $2,880.00 / active user one time
    For 1-10 Active Users
  • $3,200.00 / active user one time
  • Ideal For
    • Process Engineers and System Engineers
    • 1 User
    • The Services Team will be contacting you soon to confirm your date of training. You will be charged only after confirmation.
    • Maximum 10 participants per training session
    • Course Duration: 4 days / 8h per day
    • You will be charged only after date training confirmation.
    • Certification of Participation or Certificate of Completion will be provided at the end of the course. No expiry date for the certificate.
    • Course Duration: 4 days / 8h per day VILT.
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