EcoStruxure™ Foxboro Configuration Essentials - VIRTUAL

Elevates the operation of your factory with Foxboro system configuration training
Published by Schneider Electric


  • What's a Virtual Instructor-Led Training?
  • After completing this course, you can...
  • Course Schedule & Duration
  • Prerequisites

What's a Virtual Instructor-Led Training?

  • Scheduled sessions, in local time zones, with a virtual expert-level instructor, a moderator for technical support, and smaller group of participants
  • Content on specific, on-the-job tasks and product application
  • Cloud-based or remote labs for practice

After completing this course, you can...

  • Identify the basic hardware components of a Foxboro system, including the network, system functions, and the interrelationships of system components.
  • Construct and generate simple process control schemes using Foxboro Control Configurator, ICC, or IACC tools.
  • Test the operation of control loops using default process displays.
  • Construct process displays that interact with live process data using FoxDraw™ software.
  • Make online modifications to real-time and historical trend displays.
  • Interpret results and modify predefined alarm schemes.
  • Assign control block alarm events to Annunciator Keyboard LEDs and displays and assign programs to Annunciator Keyboard pushbuttons.
  • Describe standard system diagnostic and support tools.

Course Schedule & Duration

  • Starting at: 28 Sept 2020, 16 Nov 2020
  • Course Duration: 4 days / 8h per day - Virtual instructor-led training


  • Working knowledge of personal computers and plant processes
  • Minimum of 6 months of experience using process control computers
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