Social Distancing Assistant (SDA)

Ultra wideband tag for physical distancing and contact tracing
Published by Ubudu


  • Physical distancing
  • Contact tracing
  • Hygiene and occupancy monitoring

Physical distancing

When tags get too close, they start to vibrate and shines a red light. Distance measurement accuracy of 10 cm is completely configurable.

Such precision is obtained thanks to UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) technology, which relies on the transmission of very short pulses, sent in a few nanoseconds. This technology is at the cutting edge of wireless technology and is being deployed in all connected devices. The device has a 24-hour battery life and can be recharged via USB-C plug, just like a simple smartphone

Physical distancing

Contact tracing

Ubudu SDA tags are equipped with a memory chip that allows them to store the data of the interactions they had with other tags. In line with GDPR compliance, this feature helps to audit potential contamination chain risk.

At regular intervals, the memory chip sends data collected to a secured server online through your mobile phone application or anchors installed in your facility. This data is processed by Ubudu and then sent to SDA Dashboard Manager so that it can be exploited. The memory chip can store up to 5,000 interactions data until being paired to a mobile phone or finding an anchor. When the data has been transferred, the memory chip automatically cleans itself.

Contact tracing

Hygiene and occupancy monitoring

In combination with Ubudu Real-Time Location System, now you can generate heatmaps of your site, manage zone occupancy, identify risky spaces to cleanse.This option might require gateways.

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