Social Distancing Assistant (SDA)

Ultra wideband tag for physical distancing and contact tracing
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Workplace safety and empowerment with Ubudu Social Distancing Assistant (SDA)

In the new normal, workplace safety and empowerment have become the most important aspects for all businesses. Each organization has to rethink its ways of guaranteeing their workforce safety and empower them with effective & easy to use solutions. At Ubudu, we propose you that solution: conciliate productivity and safety for all your staff with the Social Distancing Assistant.

Ubudu SDA, a small 68-gram device to be worn by everybody in the workplace, emits an alert (light and vibration) as soon as a person comes too close to another person. This distance is configurable, its measurement has an accuracy of a few centimetres. Moreover, thanks to its memory chip, the tags record every interaction to potentially audit them for contact tracing. Ubudu SDA does not require any infrastructure and can be deployed quickly and at any scale.

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Social Distancing Assistant (SDA)

Two tags : a regular and a mini one

SDA Dashboard : real-time happening contacts and all their details

SDA Dashboard : Enjoy contact tracing option to ensure staff safety

SDA Dashboard : Analyse analytics and charts to improve the respect of health measures in your plants


Maintains social distancing

Help your staff, customers and visitors stay safe by letting them know in real-time when they are too close to each other through vibration and LED light. Distance measurement is configurable and has an accuracy of 10 cm.

Manages hygiene and occupancy in your building

Thanks to Ubudu wireless BLE becomes easy to install on-site, locate where alerts occur the most generating heatmaps. You will be able to manage zone occupancy and identify spaces to clean.

One investment for long term cost savings

Once you've invested in Ubudu SDA solution, your company will save valuable time and money in disposable protection equipment. The solution is also fully compatible with Ubudu Real-Time Tracking Solutions with a simple update of the software of the tags.
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