Low Latency Certified virtualization solution for Mixed-Criticality Systems


Low Latency Certified virtualization solution for Mixed-Criticality Systems

VOSYSmonitor allows to co-execute on the same hardware platform both a safety critical Real Time Operating System (RTOS) and a plurality of General Purpose Operating System (GPOS), by using virtualization technologies.

This software layer isolates the RTOS from the virtualized instances and provides, at the same time, functions to enable a safe and secure communication between them. VOSYSmonitor is based on ARM TrustZone technology, which enforces among others, memory, CPU and interrupt isolation between the RTOS and the GPOS. The design goal of VOSYSmonitor is to give the full priority to the secure world application in order to meet real-time constraints, while being compliant with safety standards (ISO 26262, IEC 61508, EN 50128). Last but not least, known vulnerabilities are always considered and controlled.



Secure virtualization

VOSySmonitor creates two execution environments (one for a general purpose operating system, the other for a real time operating systems) using the strongest isolation available on Arm processors, i.e., TrustZone. There is no way for one of the system to tamper the other execution environment. Such isolation is strongest than any hypervisor based on Virtualization Extensions available in the market.

Flexible virtualization

With VOSySmonitor you can securely allocate CPU cores or IO devices to one of the operating system running in the system. Highest security is guaranteed with Arm TrustZone. In addition, VOSySmonitor is available for Arm and under development for Risc-V and x86.

Smallest overhead virtualization

VOSySmonitor is a tiny, certified monitor layer implementation. It has been developed in C and assembly and achieves the smallest overhead of any other mixed critical virtualization solution.
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