EcoStruxure™ Augmented Operator Advisor - Runtime

For industrial augmented reality applications
Published by Schneider Electric


Execute your industrial augmented reality projects

This is a server-based Windows software installed on a Harmony or a standard Windows PC to execute the projects created by EcoStruxure™ Augmented Operator Advisor - Builder.

It gathers together all the required information and sends it to the tablet to be displayed in the points of interest by the EcoStruxure™ Augmented Operator Advisor App. It also manages the database containing the photographs of scenes and equipment of the uploaded project.

EcoStruxure™ Augmented Operator Advisor - Runtime


Reduce downtime

Open electrical cabinet doors virtually

Speed up operation and maintenance

Find information faster with immediate access in the field to real-time data, user manuals, instructions, diagrams, etc.

Reduce human errors

Locate the right equipment and guide operators step-by-step to complete maintenance procedures
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