Closed Loop Sugar Processing

Increasing sugar consistency with NI Closed Loop System


Increase sugar consistency

Designed by Nutrition Innovation and Schneider Electric to enable sugar mills to produce a more accurate and consistent specification of sugar in their existing plant. This helps improve efficiency of production as well as produce multiple specifications of sugar including Nucane, the good sugar.

Originally designed for the production of sugar at a primary mill, this innovative approach has now been extended to include sugar production at a refinery as well. This approach allows for a sugar refinery to also make what is called "industrial brown" specifications of sugar at scale. These specifications are not only the value added and growing segment of the global sugar market, but the joint Nutrition Innovation and Schneider Electric process that makes them extremely energy efficient compared to conventional brown sugar production.Consistency, automation and energy efficiency are key outcomes for this solution which has already been deployed in markets such as Africa and Asia.

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Closed Loop Sugar Processing

Consistency can be increased by up to 60%

Evolving with Schneider Electric continuous improvement

Eco-struxure life cycle management


Designed for a range of sugar specifications
Range of Industrial “raw/brown” specifications that a sugar plant is aiming to produce such as Nucane Low GI Raw sugar, Nucane Ultra Low GI Raw sugar.
Example: VHP of 600 or 800:East Africa spec of < 1300 targeted by ICUMSA.
Parameters of consistency
Specifications of crystalline sugar that can be effected by variability - ICUMSA, POL, Moisture, Reducing Sugars, ASH, Micro Nutrients. Improved consistency help a mill increase efficiency and reduce costs from lower throughput or more energy utilization than optimal.
Monitor and resolve inconsistency in real-time
Natural seasonal quality and variability of cane can cause upstream issues which impact downstream production consistency. The real time monitoring and data capture of this variability, such as Ash and Reducing Sugars will enable the sugar mill to adjust with increased agility to minimize downstream impact and maximize efficiency.
Reduce wet chemistry investment
The time, energy, costs and manpower that is currently devoted to lab based wet chemistry sampling can be reduced over time. This means company resources can be better deployed to more productive projects by relying on the speed and accuracy of real-time data collection within the mill.
Consistency of sugar milling is key
Seasonal and geographical differences in sugar cane can impact the consistency in sugar production. The Closed Loop Approach can improve consistency up to 60%.
Brown sugar is the growing segment
While total consumption in the global sugar market have been relatively flat, the brown segment is still showing positive growth. The application of Closed Loop technology will enable a sugar mill and refinery to be better placed to take commercial advantage of this opportunity.