illuminator for EcoStruxure™

Distributed, contextual, and secure data pipeline
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Distributed, contextual, reliable, and secure data availability is the foundation of any digital transformation project in manufacturing.

The challenges of transforming to an Industry 4.0 enterprise data architecture can be:

  • Integrating IIoT or Machine Learning solutions with legacy edge devices and OT systems such as PLCs, SCADA, asset condition monitoring systems, industrial data historians, and ERPs
  • Developing and maintaining meta data ontologies across these data systems can be time consuming and a laborious task
  • The lack of knowledge and resources required to scale to an enterprise level

The Solution

illuminator™ ingests data streams from multiple edge and OT sources with the capability to support modern and legacy protocols. This low-latency, high availability data pipeline provides EcoStruxure users access to real-time contextualized data to build AI applications and serve as an OT data Lake.

Advanced users and data scientists can use illuminator™ for the contextual abstract data needed for machine learning tools and libraries of their choice.

illuminator for EcoStruxure™


Data Context Creation

illuminator™ for EcoStruxure allows context creation using discrete or process manufacturing meta data, taxonomy, and ontologies with frameworks like ISA95. In addition to manufacturing data definitions and hierarchies it allows for simultaneous definitions of asset management, and reliability and maintenance hierarchies.

Flexible Deployment

Simple architecture combinations are possible, depending on

a) The level/layer of data sources

b) Cloud and/or on-premise deployments

c) Level of security isolation required for ISA99/IEC62344.


The Kafka pub-sub protocol provides a robust, reliable, efficient, and secure data, event, and message distribution architecture for multiple simultaneous data sources. This architecture allows the EcoStruxure user to build a future-proof software and communication infrastructure across the enterprise.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The intelligent edge-fog-cloud data connectivity reduces data engineering efforts and eliminates DevOps costs. A fully containerized micro-services architecture decreases the time to deployment and accelerates value realization.
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