EcoStruxure™ Operator Terminal Expert

Touchscreen configuration software with the latest UI design and gestures
Published by Schneider Electric


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  • Broad compatibility
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  • Operating Systems


Manage variables, alarms, operation logs, data logging and trend graph, recipes, security, conversion, gestures, and more.

  • Variables: Named spaces in memory for storing data. Create all the variables you need, and then associate variables with switches, lamps, data displays, and other objects on the screen.
  • Alarm: Create the variables you need, and then associate variables with switches, lamps, data displays, and other objects on the screen.
  • Operation Logs: Maintaining a log of operations on the panel is useful in analyzing the root cause of problems, such as operations executed before an error is detected. User Management can be used to identify the person operating the system.
  • Data Logging and Trend Graph:Data logging collects and stores values in device addresses associated with variables.
  • Recipes: Recipe feature allows easy transfer of parameter settings into target device addresses. Define Recipe settings in buildtime and have flexible change management in runtime.
  • Security: Security feature secures objects from unauthorized access. Log in with a valid user name and password to access secured objects. Auto-logout supported.
  • Converter: Change the value of a variable from the defined unit, range, scale, and expression.
  • Gestures: Touch gesture is an action that involves moving a finger in a particular manner on the screen to perform specific operations, associated with objects on the screen.
  • Remote Monitoring: Allow remote monitoring of HMI device over the network on standard browsers that are supported by multiple device platforms.

Broad compatibility

Harmony hardware and windows compatible machines, multi languages, and more

The cross-platform EcoStruxure™ Operator Terminal Expert software can be used to create HMI applications that control automation systems for:

  • Harmony GTU (Premium and Open Box)
  • Harmony STO (Color)
  • Harmony ST6/STM6
  • Harmony industrial PCs (Panel and Box PCs)
  • Windows compatible machines


EcoStruxure™ Operator Terminal Expert supports English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean languages and provides access to new application types. (Manual available in English, French, German, Italian).

Operating Systems

EcoStruxure™ Operator Terminal Expert runs on any PC with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 operating system. This supports WYSIWYG of the developed application and the PLC variables (I/O, internal bits and words), and also helps ensure that the application runs securely on Magelis GTU/STO color terminals or Harmony industrial PCs.
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