SUPERBatch - ISA S88 Based Batch Management Software

Batch management software for recipe management


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SUPERBatch consists of the following five modules:
Plant editor
  • This module is used for defining and storing the information of all plant elements namely Main Processing Units, Equipments, Processing Actions, Connecting Elements, Process Parameters, and Operator Guide Messages.
Recipe engine
  • This module is used for Recipe Management which performs tasks like creation of new master recipes, modification, deletion of master recipes and more. This module consists of the Recipe Header and the Sequence Of Operations (SOP).
Batch scheduler
  • This module shows the list of defined batches and a facility to create a new batch. It is also used to plan and schedule batches for execution purpose.
Batch execution
  • This module is used for executing scheduled batches i.e. to select a particular batch and download the same to the control system.
Reports viewer
  • All the predefined reports will appear in reports menu window which include following reports:

  • - Batch report
  • - Material variance report
  • - Product wise material variance report
  • - Raw material variance report
  • - Material consumption for single batch and multiple batch
  • - Single and multiple trend for process parameter
  • - Comparison with golden batch
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