SUPERBatch - ISA S88 Based Batch Management Software

Batch management software for recipe management


Advanced Batch Management Solution

SUPERBatch is an advanced Batch Management software based on ISA S88 Batch Standard. It provides flexible recipe based Batch Process Operation, Batch Scheduling, Electronic Batch Records (EBR) and Reports.

It has been developed as a platform agnostic product, where it can be used with any Control System. It can be effectively used for plants with varying degrees of automation, from manually operated to fully automatic plants.

It is fully integrated with EcoStruxureâ„¢ Hybrid DCS architecture. In order to use with Schneider Electric Hybrid DCS or PLC/ SCADA system, a special library consisting of Templates, Control Instance, Supervision Genie and Supergenie has been developed for typical batch processing actions, such as sequencing and raw material charging. Step Transition is provided along with the SUPERBatch package.

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SUPERBatch - ISA S88 Based Batch Management Software


ISA S88 Batch standard compliance
Being based on the ISA S88 standard allows the segregation of physical and procedural models of the batch process.
Predefined reporting
7 standard batch reports are ready to use. Based on the requirement, additional customized reports can be developed as well.
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