EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert

Purpose-built application for efficient power monitoring and energy management
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Power Events Analysis
  • Asset Performance
  • ISO 50001 Certified Data Management System
  • Electrical Distribution Monitoring & Alarming
  • Power Quality Monitoring
  • Power Quality Compliance
  • Breaker Setting Monitoring

Power Events Analysis

Various power events can affect your electrical installation and may may cause damage to sensitive equipment and processes, and unexpected downtime. PME's Power Event Analysis provides facility manager a user friendly graphical tool to understand timeline of power events. Thanks to an intelligent aggregated view of power quality, breaker trip and other power incidents across multiple devices, facility managers are able to analyze potentially damaging power events, take actions to avoid future events and prioritize alarm resolution.
Power Events Analysis

Asset Performance

In the past, equipment maintenance for circuit breakers, UPSs, motors, etc. was performed using a preventative approach. This means, circuit breakers were serviced periodically, typically every 1 to 2 years.

By leveraging asset diagnostics data, preventative and condition-based maintenance models can help inform maintenance planning to reduce risk of early degradation, optimize maintenance activities and optimize maintenance related spending
Asset Performance
Live data display
    • Circuit breaker asset monitoring diagram (% of electrical and mechanical wear, % of environmental and control unit aging, number of operations, load and temperature profiles)
    • UPS monitoring diagrams (measurements, UPS status, battery information, pre-alarms and alarms)
    • Power Quality mitigation equipment, generator status diagrams
Reports and dashboards
    • Circuit Breaker Aging report
    • UPS Health report
    • Generator Battery Health report

    These reports provide the right information to help decide when to maintain circuit breakers, UPSs and generator start batteries.

ISO 50001 Certified Data Management System

PME and all Digital Power connected devices are a Certified Energy Data Management System in accordance with ISO 50001, ISO 50002 and ISO 50006
  • Collect and analyze energy performance data of your facility
  • Provide appropriate data for your energy audit
  • Enable you to implement action plans to improve energy performance based on review of energy audit
ISO 50001 Certified Data Management System

Electrical Distribution Monitoring & Alarming

Just like any other process in a facility, electrical distribution is a complex system with many devices, and failures can occur at different locations. This is why the electrical distribution network needs to be monitored.

Similar to the dashboard in a car, which provides detailed information about the speed, RPM, oil pressure, temperature, tire pressure, status of the lights, blinker, etc., PME provides all relevant information about the electrical distribution system.

Considering how critical it can be to maintain the continuity of electrical supply, having the capacity to quickly view, analyze and understand where the failure comes from is a key concern for Facility Managers.

Electrical Distribution Monitoring & Alarming

Power Quality Monitoring

There are many different Power Quality disturbances which can adversely affect critical or sensitive equipment, processes and buildings. To promote seamless and uninterrupted functioning of these assets, it is very important to continuously measure, understand and act on any power quality issues that could affect uninterrupted operation.

PME provides a variety of alarms, waveform analysis, dashboards and reports to help facility managers to
  • Monitor persistent steady state and event based disturbances
    • Harmonics, current unbalance, flicker and over/under voltage conditions, transients, interruptions…
  • Better understand power quality disturbances
    • Trends and reports to understand potential issues that could affect operations
    • Capture and study event details such as waveforms
    • Patented Disturbance Direction Detection to locate the directionality of events
  • Deep-dive analysis of power quality issues
    • Advanced dashboards and reports
    • Analytics-based advisory services to improve performance across the system

Power Quality Monitoring

Power Quality Compliance

There are many power quality standards and guidelines to help critical facilities avoid downtime or disruption of sensitive equipment. Understanding compliance with these standards can be challenging and time consuming. These standards include:

  • EN 50160 – European standard for industrial and commercial networks
  • IEEE 519 – Global standard for voltage and current harmonics
  • IEC 61000-4-30 – International PQ measurement techniques standard
  • Power Quality Compliance

    Breaker Setting Monitoring

    An installation is designed with specific breaker settings, calculated to optimize the protection of the installation. However, throughout the lifecycle of the installation, these settings may not be applied correctly or may be modified (for example during maintenance, product replacement, because of nuisance tripping…).

    An incorrect setting may lead to:

  • Nuisance tripping if the threshold is too low
  • The tripping of a head circuit breaker instead of the local circuit breaker if the selectivity is ineffective
  • Device destruction, fire outbreak and even people harm if the coordination between products is not correct
  • PME's Breaker Settings Report summarizes settings of LV circuit breakers and can be manually or automatically to compare with specified settings after commissioning or to detect inappropriate setting modifications on a regular basis. This report is used to help identify settings or co-ordination issues and to find the root cause of any settings or co-ordination problems.

    Breaker Setting Monitoring
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