EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert

Purpose-built application for efficient power monitoring and energy management
Published by Schneider Electric


Digitizing your electrical distribution system with a future proof IoT Power Management platform

Power is critical to your operations. Disruptions impact productivity and safety. Wasted energy and equipment failures affect your bottom line. Grid systems are also becoming more dynamic and regulations more challenging. You need a way to reveal hidden risk and new opportunities.

Award-winning EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert (PME) simplifies management of complex power systems. It brings unique new capabilities that protect people and assets, keeps operations running and saves time and money. As a key element in EcoStruxure™ Power solution, PME takes full advantage of IoT connectivity and distributed intelligence to help maximize your uptime and operational efficiency.

EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert

Power Quality event impacts


Help keep people and assets safer

  • Detect abnormal conditions that risk safety or operations
  • Ensure proper breaker operation and fault isolation
  • Operate breakers remotely to minimize exposure to arc-flash
  • Monitor and locate insulation faults that risk occupant or network safety

Optimize reliability and continuity

  • Use advanced power forensics to understand cause/effect of events in your electrical system
  • Identify power event patterns to avoid future occurrences
  • Monitor protection settings; isolate faults to avoid power outages
  • Analyze breaker aging to avoid failures and enable proactive maintenance
  • Track system capacity to avoid overloads; ensure backup power systems are optimized in case of outage

Maximize operational efficiency

  • Reveal opportunities to validate savings; trend and model energy/WAGES to identify abnormal usage
  • Avoid power factor and peak demand penalties; shadow bill to identify issues in utility bills
  • Participate in demand response programs by tracking consumption patterns and managing loads
  • Create accountability by allocating costs to departments or processes
  • Analyze equipment performance to support proactive maintenance and extend lifespan

Simplify compliance

  • Align with energy efficiency, green building standards (e.g.ISO50001/2/6, SEP, LEED, NABERS)
  • Track energy performance indicators (EnPI) as per ISO50006
  • Verify utility/grid service and internal compliance to power quality standards (e.g. EN50160, IEEE519, ITIC)
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with backup power system testing (e.g. healthcare NFPA110 and others)
  • Comply with IT best-practices; align with your cybersecurity best practices
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