IBM Digital Twin Exchange

Share digital twins for physical assets
Published by IBM


Digital Twins for asset intense industries

IBM Digital Twin Exchange is a one stop shop for manufacturers, OEMs, and 3rd party content providers to sell digital resources related to the physical assets for owners and operators. Examples include Bill of Material, Parts List, Fault Codes, Maintenance and Stocking Plans.

The IBM Digital Twin Exchange targets asset-intensive industries, including Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Civil Infrastructure, Automotive, etc.

Content providers can easily list their digital twins on the IBM Digital Twin Exchange, manage their inventory, and establish pricing for their digital twins. It's only $99 a year to participate as a content provider on the Exchange with exposure to over 3,000 Maximo users.

IBM Digital Twin Exchange customers can browse, purchase, download, and manage digital twins provided by our rapidly growing partner ecosystem. One major benefit for customers is it that offers fast integration to ERP and EAM systems.

IBM Digital Twin Exchange


Increased level of safety

Increase level of safety with a single source of truth for data across the industry

Better supply chain efficiency

Deliver the right part requirements at the right time

Greater planning efficiency

  • Accurate materials and parts lists of equipment
  • Lower cost during the design phase by resolving coordination issues
  • Lower operating costs

  • Accurate insights on the health of the asset
  • Correct parts delivered prior to task execution
  • Reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance, and in some cases can extend the life of an asset
  • Reduce the risk of failure and propose a review for life cycle adjustment by using predictive models
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