Caneco Implantation

Automated design of 2D/3D electrical plans
Published by ALPI


Software for automated design of 2D/3D electrical plans
Caneco Implantation is a CAD (Computer Aided Design) tool for the design of electrical installations in AutoCAD® platform. It facilitates the projects start-up with integrated tools for high and low current applications such as generic electrical objects, electrical circuit creation and bill of materials.

Caneco Implantation benefits from ALPI’s expertise in electrical engineering and software development for more than 30 years. As a software company, ALPI supports its customers with dedicated services such as engineering studies and dedicated trainings. As Autodesk Authorized Training Center, ALPI also offers certified training on AutoCAD® software based on electrical projects.

Caneco Implantation


Optimized work
  • Unique data entry
  • Data security
  • Integrity of the results
  • & more
  • Improved design quality
  • Automated document production
  • Integrated design results
  • Compliant with applicable standards
    Cables and protective devices are calculated in accordance with the applicable standards, thanks to its interface with Caneco BT
    A comprehensive software
    Compatible with AutoCAD® and AutoCAD® MEP platforms.