EcoStruxure™ Power Operation

SCADA software designed for Critical Power Management
Published by Schneider Electric


Purpose-built SCADA programming that adapts to your complex electrical network

EcoStruxure™ Power Operation (formerly Power SCADA Operation) is a critical power management system engineered to help facilities like data centers, hospitals, industrials, airports and electro-intensive operations maximize uptime. 

As a key element of EcoStruxure Power, Power Operation is a SCADA system uniquely designed for large electrical distribution applications. With rich data integration from connected devices, Power Operation's unique capabilities provide real-time situational awareness and offer a high performance, cyber-resilient solution for your specialized power networks.

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EcoStruxure™ Power Operation

Power Operation 2020 Waveform Viewer

Visualization to enable faster root cause analysis


Reduce risk of electric fires

Via Continuous Thermal Monitoring avoid electrical fires by detecting and alarming on abnormal temperature rise in electrical distribution equipment.

Protect occupants and minimize equipment risk

Via Active Arc Flash Protection minimize the costs resulting from arc flash damages that include downtime, repair time, interruption of processes and equipment.

Avoid downtime

Quickly understand the state of the entire electrical system with a real-time, digital representation of your electrical one-line. Determine which parts of your electrical network are energized and from what sources.

Control and automate power systems

Prevent downtime, increase electrical system reliability and protect assets with self-healing MV loop architectures and by connecting MV relays, LV breakers and power meters to Power Monitoring & Control Software.

Restore normal operations quickly

Via Power Events Analysis help determine root cause and re-establish normal operations quickly and safely when the unexpected occurs.
High resolution, high accuracy event sequence record to find origins of fault Cross system event correlation to help reconstruct sequence of events Speed the diagnosis of power incidents by automatically creating a visual timeline of the incident showing related events, waveforms, and trends.
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