EcoStruxure™ Plant Data Expert

Enhance IT OT convergence
Published by Schneider Electric


Makes an IIoT-enabled EcoStruxure™ architecture possible.

EcoStruxure™ Plant Data Expert is designed to connect multiple OT and IT sources in a scalable way, compute data right next where they are generated and forward data to existing advisors and software suites.


EcoStruxure™ Plant Data Expert - Essential level facilitate end-to-end connectivity between Schneider Electric OT devices and Schneider Electric advisors by using Schneider Electric tested, validated and supported nodes on the edge hardware.


EcoStruxure™ Plant Data Expert - Performance level enables to extend connectivity capability and add a layer of data processing at edge level. Our solution collects data from your connected equipment inside an industrial site, and from your connected IT System.

The data is processed and sent to a data repository in the Schneider Electric cloud or data are accessible via an API to let you manage them and interact with any other systems for analytics and visualization.

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EcoStruxure™ Plant Data Expert



  • No IT expertise required.
  • Plug and play: No need to configure intermediate nodes.
  • Copy and paste: simple to add devices.
  • Cybersecure
  • Time to Market

  • Click and go: significant reduction in the integration time.
  • Easy to implement: no training required.
  • System architecture view: enables better, integrated solution to customer use case.
  • Expert support

  • System architecture validation to ensure optimized performance.
  • Access to Schneider Electric Expert from support.
  • Technical documentation available for step-by-step guidance.
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