Version control and change management software
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Data management for automated production

AUVESY-MDT, is a leading global provider of vendor-independent version control and change management software for automated production. AUVESY-MDT software solutions provide industrial companies with uniform central data storage, fully automatic data backup, version management with detailed change detection and clear documentation, while at the same time being highly user-friendly and adapted to the automation systems of various manufacturers.

AUVESY-MDT supports their customers with over 3,200 installations in more than 50 countries. The customers come from different industries and use AUVESY-MDT's solutions for secure version and data management of PLCs, CNCs, SCADA systems, HMIs, drives and robots.

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versiondog for AVEVA


Reduce production downtime and outages

Reduce production downtime during disaster recovery by providing the latest valid version at the push of a button.

Reduce manual work

Decrease manual work needed for change management of production assets and allowing customers to directly edit projects in the editor using versiondog.

Increase compliance and security levels

Detect unauthorized changes to running control programs, enable audit trails and improve cyber security.

Support predictive maintenance and decision-making

Enable predictive maintenance in industrial automation and improve decision-making processes with a detailed and comprehensive database.

Improve quality

Increase quality by displaying changes in programmable assets and accelerate the digital transformation of the shop floor.

Reduce costs and increase equipment efficiency

Strong ROI of versiondog due to reduced production downtimes and increased overall equipment efficiency.
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