Monitor and analyse changes in device software
Published by Auvesy GmbH


Certainty and minimized downtime in automated environments through better data management

AUVESY's versiondog gives users automated backup, version control and documentation of software versions, enabling them to detect and monitor all changes. Users can benefit from increased productivity, reduced downtime and a complete and comprehensive change history across all their production processes. Our solution not only manages data centrally, it also runs regular automated backups. It can even make detailed comparisons between the online program and the offline program. Parameters can be checked and restored if necessary at any time.


Change Management


Quality improvement
Track all changes to programs and data used in production and quickly find and restore an error-free version
Cost reduction
Cut the duration of downtime, or avoid it altogether. Avoid lost production and wastage, while improving efficiency when commissioning new production lines
More certainty, clarity and security
Identify unauthorized program changes immediately, generate change records and quickly find the right data needed for disaster recovery