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Empowering operations teams to effectively respond to unexpected incidents
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Critical Alerting Software

Derdack’s enterprise alerting software automates alerting processes and enables a fast, reliable and effective response to incidents threatening the continuity of services and operations. This is in particular important for 24x7 operated mission-critical systems like OT, IoT and IT. Enterprise Alert combines four pillars to effectively respond to incidents – automated alert notifications, convenient duty scheduling, ad-hoc collaboration and anywhere incident remediation.

Production managers and service engineers get information about critical information immediately and no matter where they are. This reduces the need to check machine statuses directly or to watch dashboards all the time. The critical alerting software thus boosts agility of shop floor teams.

Furthermore, IoT, OT and IT systems in the industry are often spread out across remote locations like field offices, energy stations and meters, drilling sites, offshore rigs and other areas.
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Enterprise Alert

Mobile App

Web Portal


SCADA Integration

To increase flexibility and ensure full automation you can integrate with your SCADA system via web service APIs. This allows for true 2-way notifications and status updates for your event sources.

Shorter Meantime-to-Repair (MMR)

Targeted 2-way notifications to the right people at the right time with the right content. Support of all communication channels push, text, voice, email, native smartphone apps incl. e.g. Cisco IP push phones on the plant floor.

10x Faster response

Automating manual processes, adding reliable alerting via mobile app, voice, SMS, IM and email incl. ack. and escalations.

60% Reduced Downtime

Increased accountability, transparency incl. ad-hoc collaboration, via chat or conf. bridge, facilitates immediate stakeholder and subject-matter-expert consultation and quick decision making.

Noise filtering, upto 95% less false alarms

Avoid alert fatigue through targeted communication, automated alert routing to responsible/available staff. No broadcast dilemmas. Built-in duty scheduling.

Very low TCO

Simple, transparent, user-based license model. No licensing based on data sources. Consolidated workflows across different systems.

Emergency notifications

Derdack offers emergency call outs in case of plant floor incidents for fast and efficient evacuation. See responses and team acknowledgements in real-time and make sure no-one gets left behind.
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