Event Data Platform

Digital Twin enabled Digital Ecosystems
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A new generation of event-data platform

Iotics gives you secure decentralised access to all your data with full control. This enables out-of-the box interoperability across your existing data landscape, systems, infrastructure and applications to realise the full value of your investments - without duplicating data, creating data lakes, centralising data or rearchitecting. Selective streaming of event analytics gives you clarity, control and actionable insights across corporate boundaries to accelerate digital transformation.

Event Data Platform


Single comprehensive view of all event data for a single asset

The event-data platform accesses data from any source, static or near real-time through digital data twins. Using semantics events are given meaning at their source and these are pushed to the twin and received by the twin of the application needing the information via an event stream. This resulting flow of ‘Intelligent Data’ enables users to have a single comprehensive view of the asset or other entity of interest not limited by a specific application and its capability.

Stream and store meaningful events

The events generated by the integrators deployed on the data source are pushed into the platform. These are given meaning by semantic descriptions and can be stored to provide an immutable log of significant events for an asset through its lifetime. They also form an event stream that feeds the application needing the information and is customisable.

Build inter-company ecosystems.

Secure and selective sharing that the platform enables different organisations to work together to create new services of optimise processes. So across a supply chain or industry players data is shared without the need to open full data sets via open APIs.

Reduce cloud storage with decentralized event analytics.

The total cost of ownership of the solution is kept to a minimum as no additional storage of data is required, as not data is duplicated. The focus on events means bandwidth and processing needs are also reduced.

Flexibility and Scalability

The use of semantics means data twins once set up in the platform can 'find and bind' to other twins if allowed by the broker that manages the interactions. This means that as new data sources or followers are added then there is no need to re-architect, giving flexibility and scalability to respond to changing business needs
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