Video-assistance technology for contact centers
Published by ViiBE


  • Real-time video feed
  • Ticketing system
  • Collaborative interfaces
  • Virtual call center organisation
  • User statistics dashboards
  • 1-to-1 and 1-to-Many calls

Real-time video feed

All users in a ViiBE session have access to a live video feed using their front or rear camera, allowing experts to have an immersive view on the issue the technician is facing.
Adaptive video feed
Web RTC technology

Ticketing system

A communication initiates a new ticket which is then accessible in the back-office and gathers information about the communication (video of the conversation, pictures and documents shared, statistics about the call, ratings).

Statistics are converted into dashboards for administrators and managers.

Collaborative interfaces

An expert can send a link to the person in need of assistance in order to initiate communication.

With one click this person gets access to a ViiBE video-communication with the expert.

Then they can use a set of AR and collaborative tools in order to diagnose the situation and converge towards a resolution: move a pointer on the video, snap pictures and draw on them, share files, chat with text, invite other experts in the conversation to improve the chances of solving. Information about the network quality of the client, geolocation, and battery level are also available for the expert.

Virtual call center organisation

ViiBE allows you to attribute expertises to your team members and organize your teams into virtual call centers. This way, ViiBE can optimize the routing of your calls between technicians and experts, leading to less time spent searching for the right interlocutor and faster resolution of problems.

User statistics dashboards

Statistics are converted into dashboards for administrators and managers. Dashboards are available to managers of call centers, as well as administrators of subdomains.

Different KPIs are available, such as the number of tickets, number of resolved tickets, Net Promoter Score and First Contact Resolution rate.

1-to-1 and 1-to-Many calls

ViiBE users can make 1-to-1 calls to specific users, but can also take advantage of the virtual call center organization and expertise attribution to make 1-to-Many calls by calling every available user with a certain expertise from a specific call center. The caller will be put into contact with the first expert that picks up.
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