Digital visual management solution for operational excellence.

Convinced that digital transition is an opportunity to face current issues in enterprise like real-time activity monitoring, paperless reporting, performance & reactivity, and team collaboration, PingFlow boosts operational excellence with  dynamic information on real-time digital wallboards.

We developed our solutions based on lean management expertise for the INDUSTRY 4.0 (shop floor digital equipment) and the OFFICE 4.0(focus on team collaboration and animation). Depending on the type of wallboard and data connected, applications could be used for activity monitoring, collaborative visual management, or internal communication. Leading solution in France, we have prestigious references in various industries (aerospace, automotive, naval, banking, services, insurance).
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Digital wallboard

AIC - team ritual

Team wallboard

SIM Short interval management

SIM 2 Short interval management


Real time visual management

View activity in real time and make sure it is displayed at the same time on different sites.

Team collaboration

With digital visual management, encourage team collaboration by facilitating the sharing and access of information. Manage your teams around daily rituals with digital visual management

Customize your wallboards easily

Our online designer, “drag and drop” widgets and display conditions allow you to customize the final rendering! Pingview then synchronizes your information and renders it visually, in real time. Quickly become autonomous and easily evolve your wallboards.

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