Telecom Alarm Management System Platform


Integrated Telecom Alarm Management Platform

iVisionmax-TAMS is L&T's latest telecom, networking & automation monitoring system which is a customized module developed on the iVisionmax platform to monitor all the telecommunication devices, networking equipment and various other automation systems installed in a plant or site.

By integrating two functionalities of a network management system(NMS) & a SCADA system, TAMS is able to provide the user a common management platform to monitor the various telecommunication & automation systems in the user's plant, thereby allowing the operator to efficiently monitor any threats to their operations.



Improved security against cyber threats

The TAMS cyber security module eases the monitor and control of different applications and services by providing a single pane interface.

It communicates with different network and host security applications in order to collate data and alarms from multiple sources and presents comprehensive information to the user.

Duo System Integration

iVisionmax-TAMS fills the gap between the operation technology layer and the information technology layer.

iVisionmax-TAMS provides integration of informational technology system containing devices such as switches, access control system, CCTV, etc. with operational technology systems such as building management, power management, etc.

Customisable solutions

The layout of an industry equipment or system with their connections can be easily configured and modeled using iVisionmax-TAMS simplified interface.

Unified operation with maximum operator efficiency.

The TAMS package integrates the functionality of an NMS & a SCADA system to provide a Single machine interface station to monitor telecom & automation systems in a facility/site allowing the operator to monitor the status of network and components to take appropriate actions instead of a layered response.

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