Integrated security management system platform


Integrated Security Platform in Wonderware SCADA

The iVisionmax-Secure is an integrated security management software platform for unified monitoring & control of the security and surveillance systems installed in a standalone facility or using a distributed architecture across multiple sites.

iVisionmax-Secure is an End-to-End solution which swiftly interfaces with multiple security and surveillance systems such as, Video Management System, Video Analytics, Access Control, Perimeter Intrusion system, Radar Systems, & the Wonderware SCADA.




Unified operation

iVisionmax-Secure provides unified control and monitoring of all security and surveillance systems.

It enables inter sub-system operation such as scenarios where an access intrusion is detected, the CCTV automatically focuses on the violation area.

It can also be interfaced to the plant Process Control System to provide greater operator efficiency in the event of an emergency by allowing the Process system to operate the various security functions.

Enhance security for the process area

iVisionmax-Secure provides multi-system operation and unified response to alarms and events.

For example: it can trigger PTZ camera movement toward fire zone, based on fire and gas system alarm and events. DCS can operate the PTZ camera for equipment monitoring, zoom camera to an asset such as motor, compressor and more, based on alarm status of that asset.

Similarly, critical security events can be interfaced with the DCS.

Advanced authentication

Customization of access control requirements with multi-level and multi-methodology authentication.

Multi-level access control combines multiple systems such as access cards and readers, face recognition, biometrics, automatic number plate recognition, etc. to grant access.

Cause and effect implementation for security applications

Cause and effect based SOP for managing security requirement.

It can initiate plant evacuation sequence from the integrated security and surveillance system, based on F&G signals and ensure personnel's safety in an emergency shutdown sequence.

Supports multiple makes of VMS, CCTV etc.

A facility could have multiple makes of VMS systems and CCTVs installed. The inter VMS interface is limited to direct interface with camera for live feeds. iVisionmax-Secure interfaces with multiple VMS system simultaneously to provide live and recorded feeds.

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